ME1014:  Multicore Software Development Practices for Embedded Systems
Day 05/22/13
Time 14:15-15:15
Location Grand Ballroom F
Company Freescale Semiconductor
Abstract Multicore software development requires a lifecycle approach in order to be successful. In this course we will use the newly published Multicore Programming Practices (MPP) from the Multicore Association as a guide to demonstrate the tactics and techniques required to build embedded multicore software solutions. We’ll look at multicore architectures and programming models, different ways of implementing parallelism, analysis and design techniques, implementation techniques, message passing implementations, the software debug process, code writing and debugging techniques, performance and optimization, and the multicore programming development lifecycle. In order to reinforce these points, we will look at several examples of multicore programming, porting, and optimization from industry, including an industrial application where a multi discrete multi function application is migrated to a multi core multi function implementation.



Rob Oshana
Director Software, Networking, Freescale Semiconductor

Rob Oshana is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and Director of Global Software R&D for Digital Networking at Freescale Semiconductor where he is responsible for software enablement and runtime software for digital networking devices. He is also an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University where he teaches graduate software engineering and embedded systems courses. Rob has over 30 years of experience as a software leader with extensive experience in embedded systems, software engineering, software quality and process, and leading global development teams. He is author of several books on embedded software including “Software Engineering for Embedded Systems”. You can contact him at