ME1050:  Industry Keynote: The Emerging Future of Multicore Software: Evolving from Desktop Multicore to Embedded Multicore Software
Day 05/21/13
Time 10:50-11:20
Location Grand Ballroom E/F
Company Wind River
Abstract We are currently at the tipping point in a paradigm shift away from traditional processors and the software that goes with them. The battle for desktop multicore software is almost over, but the war to tame the complexity of multicore software for embedded devices is just beginning. Multicore desktop and server hardware is almost a decade old now. During this time, software has evolved to take advantage of the shift from pushing clock frequency to parallelism. The emergence of multicore chips for embedded devices in the coming decade will profoundly alter the software landscape. This keynote address explores the impact multicore software will have across various embedded industry segments, not only boosting compute power but also opening up new applications and opportunities for the embedded multicore industry.



Dinyar Dastoor

Dinyar Dastoor manages core operating system platforms and their technical marketing and publications at Wind River. He brings 24+ years of experience in the embedded industry developing devices and systems in automation and process control, networking, and aerospace and defense. Most recently, he was vice president of worldwide customer operations for Wind River. He holds an MBA and a masterís degree in control systems.