ME1015:  How Operating Systems and Tools Will Face the Many Software Challenges of Manycore
Day 05/21/13
Time 16:00-16:30
Location Grand Ballroom E/F
Company eSOL
Abstract While multicore has become the norm, another challenge is just around the corner - manycore. Manycore will bring new and bigger software challenges, with the greatest affect being placed on the operating system, but multiple research projects are underway to tackle these challenges. This presentation starts with an overview of manycore technologies, challenges in software, and a look into possible solutions being explored in research. The presentation will also provide an overview into tools such as auto parallelizing compiler, as well as a short introduction to a new industry association working group that is addressing many opportunities in the multicore/manycore software interface.



Masaki Gondo
Software CTO, eSOL

Masaki is the Software CTO at eSOL, the company that provides ITRON/T-Kernel/ POSIX RTOS, as well as various engineering services. He has more than 18 years of experience in the field of OS architecture and related technologies for use in wide range of embedded system applications including car-infotainment. He has authored/co-authored multiple popular Japanese books and international articles on OS and embedded systems. He has given technical talks conferences in Japan and US. He also acts as: Multicore Association SHIM Working Group chair, Vice-chair of Embedded Multicore Consortium, visiting research fellow at Advanced Multicore Processor Research Institute at Waseda University, steering committee of T-Engine forum, JEITA microprocessor technical committee, among others.