resolving the technical aspects and business challenges of designing with multicore processors

AGENDA FOR 2014 Multicore Developers Conference

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To further enhance your learning experience at MDC DevCon, technically-detailed poster sessions will be available during the morning breaks on May 6-7. These posters will cover a wide range of topics – take your pick.

The Agenda is subject to change - Day 1  -  Day 2
Day 1: Wednesday -- May 07, 2014
 Multitalented Multicore Keynotes 
09:00-09:20Intro Session: Stay Tuned for More Exciting Details ME1153»
Multicore Association 
09:20-09:50Driving Heterogeneous System Architectures Everywhere ME1142»
Imagination Technologies 
09:55-10:25Solving the Networking Puzzle: From IOT to SDN and Everything in Between ME1126»
Freescale Semiconductor 
10:25-10:50Morning Break ME1147»
10:50-11:20Business & Design Implications of the Internet of Things ME1133»
Wind River Systems 
11:30-12:15Panel: Challenges and Opportunities for the IoT in Key Industry Sectors ME1187»
12:15-14:00 Exhibits and Lunch  
 Multicore Strategic Directions 
14:00-14:25There Can Only be One ME1146»
Texas Instruments 
14:30-14:55How Many Cores Does a Smartphone Really Need? ME1136»
The Linley Group 
15:00-15:25Cloud Trends and Implications for Multicore Architecture and Programming ME1193»
Cavium, Inc. 
15:30-15:55Successful Multicore Development - Enabling Hardware and Software Developers to Efficiently Interact ME1190»
Cadence Design Systems 
16:00-16:25Advancing Debug and Monitoring Technologies ME1185»
16:30-18:00 Exhibits and Networking Reception  


Day 2: Thursday -- May 08, 2014
 Multicore I Multicore II 
09:00-09:25What Software Requires from Multicore for Certification ME1094» 
Industry Standards for Programming Multicore Systems: Way to go ! ME1076»
University of Houston 
09:30-09:55Multicore Certification – A New Era in Software Design ME1087»
Nothing to Fear: Easing the Programming Path for Heterogeneous Multicore, Embedded SoCs ME1180»
Texas Instruments 
10:00-10:25Meeting New Demands for Networking Security ME1106»
INSIDE Secure 
Multicore Computing for a Mobile Environment ME1138»
Imagination Technologies 
10:30-10:50 Morning Break  
10:50-11:15How to Leverage Multicore Architectures for Compute-Intensive Applications ME1119»
Wind River 
Standards-based Programming Models for Heterogeneous Systems ME1123»
Codeplay Software 
11:20-12:15 Birds of a Feather - Heterogeneous Computing Platforms: Merging HPC and Embedded more» 
12:15-14:00 Exhibits and Lunch  
14:00-14:25Hardware/Software Co-Design of Multicore Processing Solutions ME1068»
Freescale Semiconductor 
Solving Network Challenges for Advanced Multicore SoCs ME1135»
14:30-14:55Scale Out Workloads - the Need for New Metrics ME1194»
Understanding and Optimizing Acceleration in Multicore SoCs ME1191»
15:00-15:25Core Sensibility: Maximizing Efficiency for Parallel Applications ME1140»
SHIM - a New, Standard Multicore Tools Interface to Strengthen the Ecosystem and Accelerate Innovation ME1145»
15:30-15:55Prototyping and Debugging with exposed-board development ME1116»
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. 
Multicore Programming is Difficult: How to Prove You are Knowledgeable ME1181»
Vector Fabrics BV 
16:00-17:00 Panel Discussion: IoT and Security - How to Avoid an Infected Refrigerator
(open to all IoT and MDC DevCon attendees)