resolving the technical aspects and business challenges of designing with multicore processors

AGENDA FOR 2013 Multicore Developers Conference

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To further enhance your learning experience at MDC DevCon, technically-detailed poster sessions will be available during the morning breaks on May 6-7. These posters will cover a wide range of topics – take your pick.

The Agenda is subject to change - Day 1  -  Day 2
Day 1: Tuesday -- May 21, 2013
 Keynotes, CTO Talks, and Industry Analysts
Location: Grand Ballroom E/F 
09:00-09:30Opening Remarks and Multicore Analysis ME1044»
Multicore Association 
09:30-10:00Industry Keynote: The Forks in the Multicore Road: Multicore Directions in the Next Decade ME1030»
Freescale Semiconductor 
10:00-10:30Achieving Maximum System Performance With Mancore Network Processors: Homegrown or Off-The-Shelf? ME1059»
10:30-10:50 Morning Break sponsored by  
10:50-11:20Industry Keynote: The Emerging Future of Multicore Software: Evolving from Desktop Multicore to Embedded Multicore Software ME1050»
Wind River 
11:20-12:00Multicore chips - Have we Created a Monster? ME1052»
Arete Research 
12:00-12:30Software RULES the World ME1051»
Texas Instruments 
12:30-14:30Exhibits and Luncheon  
14:30-15:00Heterogeneous Multicore in Mobile Applications ME1021»
15:00-15:30Power in Small Places: The Inevitability of Embedded HPC ME1004»
nCore HPC 
15:30-16:00Why Programmable Logic Could Change the Face of Multicore ME1019»
16:00-16:30How Operating Systems and Tools Will Face the Many Software Challenges of Manycore ME1015»
16:30-18:30 Exhibits and Networking Reception sponsored by Wind River  


Day 2: Wednesday -- May 22, 2013
 Track 1
Location: Grand Ballroom F 
Track 2
Location: Grand Ballroom E 
09:00-09:30Integrating High Performance Security Stacks on Multicore Processors ME1026»
INSIDE Secure 
Can Parallel Programming for Multicore be as Simple as Sequential Programming? ME1022»
Advanced Cluster Systems, Inc. 
09:30-10:00Look where OpenCL is now! ME1010»
Texas Instruments 
Leveraging on the Nexus 5001 Debug Standard for Debugging Manycore Systems ME997»
Ericsson - Ericsson  
10:00-10:25Using MCA Interfaces to Enable High-Level Programming for Embedded Systems ME1029»
University of Houston 
Multicore Systems in the Light of Aerospace Safety Regulations ME1025»
Airbus Group Innovations 
10:25-10:45 Morning Break Sponsored by Inside Secure  
10:45-11:15Optimizing Mobile Platform Benchmark Scores - Does it Translate to Actual User Experience? ME1027»
Maxing Out Performance of Your Multicore Device ME1057»
Wind River 
11:15-11:45Cache Optimizing Real-Time, Multicore Systems ME1000»
Rockwell Automation 
SequenceL Tutorial - Mastering the Multicore Software Challenge ME1049»
Texas Multicore Technologies 
11:45-12:00Maximizing the Benefits of Multicore with Multi-OS Architecture ME1058»
Wind River 
Network Intelligence on a Chip ME1055»
Tilera Corporation  
12:00-12:15An Innovative Multicore System Architecture for Next Generation Wireless SoCs ME1048»
12:15-14:15Exhibits and Luncheon  
14:15-14:45Multicore Software Development Practices for Embedded Systems ME1014»
Freescale Semiconductor 
Fabric Interconnect Technology Enable Large Scale Multicore System Design ME1017»
RapidIO Trade Association 
14:45-15:15NoC Power Management Techniques for Advanced Multicore Systems ME1020»
15:15-15:45Understanding, Partitioning, and Accelerating Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Applications with Multicore SoCs ME1031»
Cavium, Inc. 
Early Prototyping and Optimization of Embedded Multicore Subsystems ME1023»
Target Compiler Technologies 
15:45-16:15Virtual Platform Based Software Debug & Testing for Multiprocessor/Multicore Systems ME1024»
Imperas Software  
Challenges and Misperceptions in Analyzing Multicore Systems ME1054»
16:15-17:00 Panel - Manycore or Anycore: Exposing the Limitations and Advantages of Manycore in Embedded Systems more»